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Eagle Project Idea: Installing a Sundial

Before there were digital watches, there were sundials.

Apparently, the earliest sundials date all the way back to 3,500 B.C., but for Michigan Boy Scout Geno Chandler, installing a sundial made for the perfect modern-day Eagle project.

Geno installed his sundial in the courtyard of a local middle school. To help raise money, he sold personalized bricks, which were used in the sundial’s…

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Scout’s Video Perfectly Captures The Majesty Of Philmont

Scout’s Video Perfectly Captures The Majesty Of Philmont

Nice job by Nathan Batts, a Scout from Fort Worth, Texas, who documented his unit’s trip to Philmont Scout Ranch with a GoPro Hero 3+.

(We especially like the first-person mountain biking footage.)

Philmont crash

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Eagle Scout Project Idea: Sprucing Up An Older Eagle Scout Project

In 2001, an Eagle Scout had the great idea of sprucing up the courtyard at the Wrentham Developmental Center in Wrentham, Massachusetts. Great project, but that was a long time ago. Time for a refresher.

Ethan Szilniczky, a Scout from nearby Franklin, Massachusetts, took on the task of sprucing up the area — again — for his project.

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Scouts Learns Archery; Dedicates His Eagle Project To It

It wasn’t that long ago that Breckenridge, Colorado, Boy Scout Zach Elsass had never tried archery.

Once he did, it was all over.

Zach learned to love the sport so much that he executed an Eagle project that resulted in the installation of several nice permanent targets at the nearby archery range.

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Eagle Scout Project Idea: Courtyard Benches

Avery Morgan likes making stuff out of wood. So when it came time to choose an Eagle project, it wasn’t all that hard.

Avery recruited a team of volunteers to build several 4-foot benches for his Canton, Massachusetts, school’s newly renovated courtyard. The area will be used as outdoor classroom space and also as a potential gardening spot.

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