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How to make a pallet planter

How to make a rustic pallet planter:

You can make this rustic planter out of split pallet slats and a five-gallon bucket.



  • One or two pallets (Try to get pallets that are in good shape. Large box stores and moving companies are good places to look. Old pallets that have been heavily used can be cracked and splintered and almost impossible to work with.)
  • Five-gallon general-use bucket
  • Work gloves and safety goggles
  • F…

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Eagle Scout Removes 180 Pounds Of Garbage From Creek

It’s pretty amazing the trash you can find in local waterways. Why anybody would think it’s OK to just dump their trash in a river is beyond us.

Alex Hansen, an Eagle Scout from the Buffalo, New York, area, recently coordinated a project that hauled 180 pounds of trash from Tonawanda Creek. Alex recruited volunteers to help out, and a local nonprofit organization hauled the trash away for free.


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Community Service Project Keeps Scout’s Hometown Safe

Community Service Project Keeps Scout’s Hometown Safe

The small community of Sand Coulee, Montana, was full of unmarked roads, which could be a problem when volunteer firefighters were trying to get to the site of an emergency.

Local Boy Scout Levi Olson has helped fix the problem by coordinating a project that saw the installation of 16 street signs.

“I’m putting these up because if somebody calls in and says that they live on Dahns Street, they…

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